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Book Ghost

Coast to Coast

Book Ghost: Coast to Coast
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A Non-Traditional Book Club with Traditional Elements
Welcome to yet another online community for bibliophiles. What makes us special and different? We're just us. That's different enough, trust us.


Here's the basic idea: you come here because you love reading. You want to do more of it. You want to share the joys, pains, frustrations, etc of being a book geek in a world that prizes reality television concepts over printed, imaginative fictions.

Share any and everything about books and reading. Share thoughts about writing, reviewing, editing, etc. Give us your honest opinions about film adaptations (if this is something you're not keen on, tell us why. If it's something you're obsessed with, like me, you'll be getting a lot of rants on both sides of the argument).

Also, as topics are created and followed and expanded, tags are everyone's friend. Feel free to use them liberally.

Book-Club Specifics:
In addition to sharing thoughts about any book-related subjects, we are going to attempt one very traditional book-clubby activity.
Every month we'll choose a book for everyone to read, along with a target finish date for discussion. If you can't do a book in a particular month we won't kick you out (this isn't school, you know), but it is something we'd like everyone to participate in more often than not. Plus that means you'll be reading a minimum of 12 books a year - how awesome is that?

To start off the mods will probably pick the first few books, but as interest and participation grow we'll probably start doing polls for every month and let the membership sort of American Idol their choices for book-club readings (and I apologize for breaking that down into reality-TV terms; I'm only human).

Intro Posts:
Yes, we would like you to do an intro post. Mostly because we want to know a little bit about you and your reading habits when you join our maudlin group of book devourers (especially if you literally devour books - that'd be rather an interesting perspective to have when reviewing books).

What is a book you wish you had never read, and why?

If you could have any book (faithfully) put on film, what would it be?

What's your ideal reading condition (do you like bright or dim lights? chair or bed? tea, coffee or booze? music or complete silence? etc.)?

What is a book you really want to read but just haven't gotten around to yet?

We're not big on labels around here, but just for the purpose of having a general idea of what you like to read, what's your preferred genre(s)?

When you're not reading, what else do you enjoy doing?

*shameless plug* If you haven't checked it out already, Goodreads is a great little site for book lovers and a good way to track what you're reading, what you want to read, what you love/hate to read, reviews you write, etc. It's a good companion to any online book club... at least in our estimation :)

So what are you waiting for? Request to join and start letting your opinions loose on your intro post!