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The House at Midnight

Well book ghosters I am not proud to admit it but I just got and read The House at Midnight today. I know, I know we were supposed to read it months back. I'm sorry but I had to wait until I could get it from the library.Hopefully my lateness will not get me kicked out of the club.

I don't know how many people have read it so I'm not sure what all could be considered a "spoiler". I thought it was an okay story. Some of the metaphors and descriptions she used I particularly enjoyed. She described windows as slyly peeping out from under a roof of a local pub and I like that kind of imagery that not only tells you how something looks but how it should make you feel as well. I understood her desire for balance in terms of the story with first Justin and Patrick and then Lucas and Danny but meah. All in all it neither made me feel enough nor think enough. I kept getting little glimpses of description but not enough to place myself in a situation. There were flashes of enjoyable moments but overall it was just okay to me. The house is supposed to be all sinister and malevolent but in reality it is just the poor choices of the often drunken and or stoned individuals within that cause the most distress.

It was an okay book. I wouldn't tell people not to read it but for me it didn't resonant. Hopefully if you loved it you can forgive me for not agreeing. I think overall this book was just not to my taste but not necessarily a bad read.

There, I've actually posted a post about a book we were supposed to have read...only some few odd months late.

Now it is off to read The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie


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